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The ABC’s of my YouTube search history

Nov 24, 2023 by Tester
Idea by NanoNerd.

Basically, I entered each letter of the alphabet into the YouTube search bar and recorded the top result (something I looked up recently and/or frequently). Some of these might be kinda embarrassing, but I thought it would be fun regardless. So here we go…

A - “among us jester”

I was searching for jacksepticeye's Among Us video where he played as jester lol

B - “big brother”

This should be fairly obvious.

C - “crainer”

He's a youtuber.

D - “dream”

Yeah... he's a Minecraft youtuber.

E - “ed sheeran the joker and the queen”

I was playing an org where I had to find what music video matched the one playing without sound.

F - “first time beating minecraft”

I love Minecraft. What can I say?

G - “grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize”

The Living Tombstone's version of Grim Grinning Ghost featuring Crusher-P and Corpse Husband.

H - “him wicked game”

HIM's cover of Chris Isaak's popular song Wicked Game.

I - “i'm against you russell”

Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine in Heroes vs. Villains <33

J - “jelly”

Another youtuber.

K - “kentucky friend chicken“

Misspelling of KFC that was in a video I watched.

L - “louis tomlinson chicago”

Probably my favorite song at the moment.

M - “minecraft squid town”

The new Minecraft survival series by Slogo, Crainer and Jelly.

N - “negative still alive”

One of my sister's favorite songs.

O - “olivia rodrigo brutal”

The best Olivia Rodrigo song. Don't @ me.

P - “pirates of the caribbean”

My favorite movie series of all time.

Q - “queen the show must go on”

Probably my favorite Queen song.

R - “rachel reilly im back”

Big Brother 12, week 6. Pandora's box.

S - “survivor 45 kendra voted out”

LMAO I really googled this 💀💀💀💀

T - “themeranianreview”

One of the best reality TV youtubers in my opinion, even though I disagree with a lot of his opinions.

U - “uniklubi huomenna”

A song that I really like. Not a lot of options for U.

V - “vevmo”

A site. I still don't know why I googled this on youtube 💀💀💀💀

W - “windows xp startup sound”


X - “x he soulstorm”

A song by Xtrullor & Hex Eater. I first heard the song in a custom Geometry Dash level back in 2016.

Y - “you know my name”

Outside of Skyfall, probably the only James Bond song I know lol

Z - “zp survivor”

A Survivor youtuber who posts the vote off and NTOS after every Survivor episode.

So yeah… what do all these say about me?


W - “windows xp startup sound”

That’s a banger right there
Sent by NanoNerd,Nov 24, 2023

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