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Survivor: Who Would I Vote For?

Nov 24, 2023 by Tester
Including the international seasons that I have seen. Survivor 45, Survivor UK: Panama and Survivor UK 2023 are excluded; UK: Panama because I haven't seen it and 45 and UK 2023 for obvious reasons.

Borneo: Richard
The Australian Outback: Tina
Africa: Ethan
Marquesas: Vecepia
Thailand: I refuse to vote. Brian if absolutely forced to choose.
The Amazon: Jenna
Pearl Islands: Sandra
All-Stars: Rob M
Vanuatu: Chris
Palau: Tom
Guatemala: Danni
Panama: Danielle
Cook Islands: Yul
Fiji: Earl
China: Courtney
Micronesia: Parvati
Gabon: Sugar. Susie if I had to choose between her and Bob.
Tocantins: JT
Samoa: Russell H
Heroes vs. Villains: Parvati but I love Sandra too & would vote her over anyone else
Nicaragua: Fabio
Redemption Island: Rob
South Pacific: Sophie
One World: Kim ig
Philippines: Denise
Caramoan: Cochran
Blood vs. Water: Tyson
Cagayan: Tony (I think)
San Juan del Sur: Natalie A
Worlds Apart: Carolyn
Cambodia: Spencer
Kaoh Rong: Tai (I refuse to take a side between Michele & Aubry + I love Tai too much anyway)
Millennials vs. Gen X: Adam. Hannah if I had to choose between her and Ken.
Game Changers: Sarah
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: Ben
Ghost Island: Wendell
David vs. Goliath: Angelina
Edge of Extinction: Chris U
Island of the Idols: Noura
Winners at War: Tony
41: Erika
42: Maryanne
43: Owen
44: Yam Yam
AUS 2002: Rob Dickson
Australian Celebrity Survivor 2006: Justin
AUS 2016: Kristie
AUS 2017: Jericho
AUS Champions v Contenders: Shane
AUS Champions v Contenders II: Pia
AUS All Stars: David
AUS Brains v Brawn: George
AUS Blood v Water: Mark
AUS Heroes v Villains: Liz
SA Panama: Vanessa
SA Malaysia: Lorette
SA Santa Carolina: GiGi (I think)
SA Maldives: Hykie (I think)
SA Champions: Sivu. Graham over Buhle though.
SA Philippines: Tom? maybe Jeanne
SA Island of Secrets: Rob Bentele
SA Immunity Island: Nicole
SA Return of the Outcasts: Dino
UK Pulau Tiga: Charlotte


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