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what I did on my birthday (last saturday)

Sep 5, 2023 by Tester
I went to Stockholm, Sweden with my sister and my brother. Drank bubble tea in a nearby shop. Went shopping and found + bought a teapot in a "Little England" shop. Bought a handmade soap from an Arts & Crafts store. Drank Earl Grey tea at Espresso House in Gamla stan. Witnessed my brother gambling and actually earning money on the cruise ship 馃拃. Wrecked my feet after walking over 17k steps.

tl;dr: had a fun time on a cruise to Sweden and spent most of my money lmfao

also went to a Louis Tomlinson concert yesterday in Helsinki with my sister and now my voice is dead so great 馃憤


a European cruise is on my travel list!! Did it have any other ports? Also happy belated birthday! Tester
Sent by nmh95,Sep 5, 2023
nmh95 thanks <3 and no, it did not have any other ports; it was just a day cruise
Sent by Tester,Sep 5, 2023
I was been in Stockholm last year its so beautiful
Sent by Harehere,Sep 5, 2023

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