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My dream BBCAN All Stars cast

Feb 3, 2023 by Tester
- Victoria Woghiren (S9)
- Brittnee Blair (S3)
- Summer Sayles (S10)
- Sabrina Abbate (S2)
- Loveita Adams (S4)
- Dre Gwenaelle (S5)
- Jillian MacLaughlin (S1)
- Paras Atashnak (S6)
- Godfrey Mangwiza (S3)
- Emmett Blois (S1)
- Demetres Giannitsos (S5)
- Moose Bendago (S10)
- Johnny Mulder (S6)
- Rohan Kapoor (S9)
- Kevin Jacobs (S10)
- Dane Rupert (S7) [only cuz there needs to be a S7 player]

Alternates (considered but got cut)
- Kaela Grant
- Olivia Riemer
- Haleena Gill [too many bbcan10 players already]
- Jon Pardy [would replace Dane if there was no need for a s7 player]
- Talla Rejaei
- Tera Gillen-Petrozzi
- Kiefer Collison [you just know they'd realistically put him on]
- Marty Frenette [see Kiefer]
- Adel Elseri
- Ashleigh Wood
- Sarah Hanlon
- Tim Dormer
- Mitch Moffit [I guess]
- Jedson Tavernier
- Josh Nash [too many bbcan10 players already]
- Erica Hill [almost put her on over Dre]
- Betty Yirsaw [too many bbcan10 players already]
- Heather Decksheimer [completely forgot about her lmao]
- William Laprise Desbiens
- Karen Singbeil

I didn't put anyone who would be a three-time player at this point (as much as I wanted to put the likes of Ika and Neda on). I also tried to balance out the seasons as much as possible.


Season 7 was the worst.
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Feb 3, 2023
iiGalaxyii I enjoyed it more than season 4 but it's still not a great season.
Sent by Tester,Feb 3, 2023
I believe that this cast would be interesting for Paras to keep up for a long time and maybe get jury... I like. But I think some people you put as a second choice would certainly be in the main cast, like Kaela, Jon, Talla, Betty and Tim
Sent by Delano,Feb 3, 2023
7 was unwatchable I agree iigalaxyii
Sent by austino15fffan,Feb 3, 2023

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