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Big Brother and online Hunger games. Big Brother 34 (Week 9)

Jan 22, 2023 by Tester

Finally back to doing this lol

-----The Cast-----
1. Bruhcat ( Bearcat1927)
2. Pe帽a ( GeorgeFlair)
3. Kazakhstan ( SeaViper)
7. KnowUh ( yswimmer96)
9. Priscila ( coolKat)
14. Tucker ( mrkkkkyle)
16. Dream ( LosAngeles)

16. Abi ( kalvbzs)
11. Crystal ( Tommy123)
12. Annissa ( TheShayMitchell)
4. Kayani ( danio)
15. Jordan ( Jordan009)
--The Jury--
13. Donna ( BigBrotherDonny)
6. Jeri ( Wolven6974)
8. Austin ( SexyTex)
5. Link ( NanoNerd)

-----Week 9-----

HOH: Bruhcat
Nominees: Tucker and Priscila
POV Players: Bruhcat, Tucker, Priscila, Pe帽a, Kazakhstan, Dream
POV Winner: Kazakhstan
POV Used?: Yes, on Tucker
Post-POV Nominees: Priscila and Dream
Evicted: Dream (3-1)

-----The Votes-----

Pe帽a: Dream
Kazakhstan: Dream
KnowUh: Priscila
Tucker: Dream

-----Double Eviction-----

HOH: KnowUh
Nominees: Pe帽a and Priscila
POV Players: KnowUh, Pe帽a, Priscila, Tucker, Kazakhstan, Bruhcat
POV Winner: KnowUh
POV Used?: Yes, on Pe帽a
Post-POV Nominees: Priscila and Tucker
Evicted: Tucker (2-1)

-----The Votes-----

Bruhcat: Priscila
Pe帽a: Tucker
Kazakhstan: Tucker

-----Eviction Order-----

16th: Abi [#kalvbzs] (6-3, against Annissa; Lost challenge to Donna)
15th: Crystal [#Tommy123] (7-5, against Link)
14th: Annissa [#TheShayMitchell] (6-5, against Pe帽a)
13th: Kayani [#danio] (5-5; Tucker's choice to evict, against Bruhcat)
12th: Jordan [#Jordan009] (5-4, against Priscila)
-----The Jury-----
11th: Donna [#BigBrotherDonny] (5-3, against Dream)
10th: Jeri [#Wolven6974] (1-1; Pe帽a's choice to evict, against Dream)
9th: Austin [#SexyTex] (1-1; Priscila's choice to evict, against Bruhcat)
8th: Link [#NanoNerd] (3-2, against Tucker)
7th: Dream [#LosAngeles] (3-1; against Priscila)
6th: Tucker [#mrkkkkyle] (2-1; against Priscila)
-----Final Two-----

- lakadium837
- Bowler23
- Typhlosion37
- Kindred7


My victim Era
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