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Survivor 41 cast ranked by age/date of birth

Jan 15, 2023 by Tester

Top row is the oldest and bottom row is the youngest.

- Heather is the only one to be born in the 1960s.
- There is a nine-year gap between Genie and Naseer. Genie was born in 1975 while Naseer was born in 1984.
- There is a two-year gap between Naseer and Voce. Naseer was born in 1984 while Voce was born in 1986.
- There is a three-year gap between Ricard and Evvie. Ricard was born in 1989 while Evvie was born in 1992.
- There is a three-year gap between Evvie and Sydney. Evvie was born in 1992 while Sydney was born in 1995.
- Xander, Liana and JD are the only ones to be born in the 2000s.
- There is a one-year gap between each of Voce, Shan, Danny, and the duo of Erika/Ricard.

These people were born in the same year:
- Erika and Ricard (1989)
- Sydney and Deshawn (1995)
- Xander and Liana (2000)



these are interesting!
Sent by Tommeh208,Jan 15, 2023

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