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  1. There was an earthquake rn here in Athens
  2. who from here watches degrassi?
  3. go to this post and comment a song!
  4. plus and comment a song and i will rank them from..
  5. 2nd in castings 2 times in a row..
  6. child abuse by parent is wrong
  7. An inact beat me in fastings..
  8. Can someone
  9. question for casting
  10. Can somebody please gift me the Kailah full..
  11. It's funny how some people accuse you of doing..
  13. I want some tengaged bff
  14. 馃拵Bought Orange level馃拵
  15. wtf im trending on tengaged
  16. @Mickiejames22
  17. How do i check if i missed an apple/key on..
  18. PYN and I'll rank your username
  19. Got robbed in casting
  20. Just made finals for the first time in casting
  21. PYN and I'll rank you from 1 to 10
  23. is @livvieboo12 a man or a woman
  24. me and @livvieboo12
  25. of course i play fasting after months
  26. who wants to chat on skype?
  27. Perfection in 4 gifs
  28. Is there any way to practice the minigames?
  29. How can i watch the challenge live on pc?
  30. Well my charity was ruined
  31. can someone gift me something?
  32. PYN and ill tell you what The Challenge player you..
  33. Any tips on getting karma fast?
  34. Anyone hosting a mini today?
  35. I got a message from @GoodKaren on snapchat..
  36. that's about damn fking right
  37. the competition SHOOK
  38. If you could change your username, what would it..
  39. finally yellow level
  40. Why the fuck did I get 3rd

PYN and ill tell you what The Challenge player you remind me of

Jan 2, 2018 by TessaBrooks
let's go

CalebDaBoss - Nate (Rivals III)
Mickiejames22 - Nany Gonzalez (the legend) pm me i wanna talk 2 u btw
Littlebrother123 - Cory Wharton (Bloodlines)
Kidcool404 - Jemmye (the psychic)
BengalBoy - Aneesa


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