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Anthony “Dougie” Douglas Apr 19, 2024
This guy has only won 1 competition in the 2 seasons he’s been on so far but is one of the most influential/powerful players in North American Big Brother History which just so happens to be his goal.

It’s just hard to admit that because he’s also one of the most egotistical Big Brother players ever

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Thank you Jogon! Apr 18, 2024
Thank you Jogon for the random Mario background gift! I’ll have to think of something to get you
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How many days left? Apr 17, 2024
Like 5 left till this shuts down?
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Could Obama run for president again? Apr 11, 2024
Or is 8 years the maximum time anyone can be president? I’ve never paid much attention to political stuff before so I could be asking a dumb question here lol
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BBCan12 Apr 8, 2024
How does Avery think someone like Tola is a good pawn against someone like Goose? I don’t think things are gonna go her way and we will have yet another train wreck of an HoH lol

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A War is Brewing Apr 2, 2024
Big Brother Canada 12 has already had 2 big blindsides this season and A War is Brewing inside the house as people are getting sick of doing what Anthony wants. If Tola goes it’s gonna be World War 3

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