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Most under rated BBUS player

Aug 29, 2018 by Tepr
This might be a controversial pick,, but i gotta give to Erika from BB4 and BB All Stars. In both games she played a strong social game. BB4 she worked closely with Jack, knowing that they would not be seen as a threat,, and when jack left she teamed up with Ali and Jun. She was evicted because Ali knew she had a better chance against Jun in the final 2. In BB all stars she entered on her own (her relationship with Ali was not strong, and she left week one) she had no choice but to float and not draw attention, it made sense for her not to pick sides and team up with Boogie, and her influence in getting Janelle to vote out Will at the Final 4 was just epic. She was unfairly judged by the jury,, Boogie lied a lot more than erika, but as Danielle put (when a woman does it seems disgusting), her biggest mistake was taking out Danielle, whats your thoughts?


Hmm for me it's Andy, one of the best winners that always has his win devalued!
Sent by Eoin,Aug 29, 2018
hmm maybe so (when it comes to winners) but he will always still be known as winner and get the credit associated
Sent by Tepr,Aug 29, 2018
Elissa like besides Dan and Rachel she’s one of the only people to exhaust all her options before being evicted. (Working with Aaryn AND Amanda)
Like that was mindblowning to me especially after all the BS she went through.
Sent by RiDsTeR,Aug 29, 2018

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