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  2. Am I the only one..
  3. You can call me the devil in disguise
  4. Something I hate about SOME spammers..
  5. havana oh na na
  6. Not sure what's more dead at this point
  7. what happened to design lab lol
  8. So I played Sims 1 today..
  9. fucking shit
  10. Whoops, forgot it's halloween month
  11. #NatalieNapalm
  12. Wait what's going on here
  13. Some people on here..
  14. who wants a gift? 馃槏
  15. Why did the Tengager cross the road?
  16. About to jump onto the train
  17. Going on a 4hr train ride tomorrow!
  18. @ People spending so much money for wedding..
  19. On Wednesdays we wear pink.
  20. Has anyone watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend?
  22. if we're getting the halloween avis
  23. If Halloween avatars are coming back
  24. Oh girl, are you a tide pod?
  25. Who was that person
  26. you're supposed to test
  27. baby I was born this way
  28. Anybody wanna form an anallice?
  29. can't wait to see
  30. when swaggy proposes to someone
  31. Imagine knowing someone for 3 weeks
  32. Is BB1 or BB9 even worth watching?
  33. Just got called a dumb bitch
  34. Tbh there's one person to blame
  35. Is JC aware...
  36. Is BBOTT worth watching?
  37. We still have one more twist left in BB20..
  38. Wait so
  39. If Kaycee wins the final HOH
  40. hot daddy wizard


Jan 3, 2018 by Temeky
Money: 479.2 T$


Hey daddy
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Jan 3, 2018
Hey daddy
Sent by varlto,Jan 3, 2018
hey daddy
Sent by StarySky,Jan 3, 2018
That's like 3 times as much as I have  lmao
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 3, 2018
gift me <3
Sent by TessaBrooks,Jan 3, 2018
Here comes the beggars
Sent by thewolfman,Jan 3, 2018

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