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Jul 17, 2012 by Tayvi
Yes I can’t see why everyone persecutes ALL religions all the time but look at how innocent they are!

Christians- You support child molesters who when get found out, they get shuffled around and it’s swept under the rug like it never happened! You support woman’s health clinics to get shut down that actually do mammograms and pap smears and not just abortions.

Mormons- the Cain doctrine of that black people are cursed with their dark skin because they don’t believe in the LDS. LOL It was banned in 1978 but then repudiated in 2006 by the president Gordon B. Hinckley!

Muslims- If you don’t believe in it, they threaten to kill you. Enough said.


holy fucking shit this is loaded with ridiculously offensive stereotypes and generalizations :|
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Jul 17, 2012
Uhm I'm a Christian tayvi
Sent by connorthomson,Jul 17, 2012

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