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Not much has changed Jun 27, 2018
Logged on just for fun for the first time in months. Doesn't look like much of anything has changed except that there is probably no one who remembers me lol

Just realized I created my account a little over 8 years ago now! Wow!
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I was in stars?!?! Jan 20, 2016
Just logged on for the first time in months to find out I was in stars for the first time lol
Even though I didn't get a good placement at least I didn't get last! And it was with such a great cast! That would have been a fun game! Oh well!

Thanks 50 SOB for wanting to see me in stars though! Sorry I was inactive for too long that I'm out of the frat... again! lol

See you again at some point!
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If I don't know you May 4, 2015
I'm not plussing your spam and may start filtering you for sending it. kty
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5 more... Nov 25, 2014
please get your friends to join your charity...
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Please get your friends to join! Nov 25, 2014
I want to play a normal game!!
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Is the next rookies Nov 25, 2014
claimed for a charity already? I'm not wanting one. Just want to play a regular game
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