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  1. Honestly, you're pathetic LMFAO ..
  2. yes
  3. Who wants to date?
  4. do you ever hate someone
  5. when i see someone i dont like on tengaged
  6. i would date allieboballie
  7. @ the better Kelly in the comments
  8. do you send nudes or nah?
  9. I don't befriend bitches I fight
  10. i wish i was as happy as this piece of pie
  11. someone message me ugh
  12. honestly
  13. Stars support!
  14. disgusting cast
  15. + for Pro-Life
  16. i've never seen someone want my attention
  17. reasons why abortion is murder
  18. A B O R T I O N I S M U R D E R
  19. i only brought it up
  20. If you're for abortion,
  21. is it extra of me to
  22. IN MY LIFE,
  23. post gifs of Andrea from TWD in the comment
  24. send me nudes????
  25. I'm Pisexual
  26. She is seriously so rude!!
  27. In my life, there's been heart ache & pain.
  28. who wants to call with
  29. IN MY LIFE,
  31. tag the tengager you wanna fuck
  32. you tried it, tengaged.
  33. me when I'm Renny's only 10 on the blog
  34. ok someone message me then im bored asf
  35. Joseline has NOT left the site, her multi is ...
  36. Do you ever feel like
  37. me atm
  38. do you ever feel like
  39. Do you ever feel like
  40. PYN for a FMK

Top 10 people I can't stand IN ORDER.

19thMay 18, 2017 by TayBear17
1. Badboyy2699
2. Austino15fffan
3. Galaxies
4. Streamx
5. NicoleF
6. ItsAlexia
7. Arris
8. Hisoka
9. Danger
10. Crayadian

Honorable mention to mathboy9 he's a supporter and i forgot about him lel

Please all of you jump off your nearest bridge.

There are probably people I dislike MORE than the people in slots 6-10, but 1-5 I seriously can't stand tbh.


Why isn't bamold1999 on this list :S
Sent by brandonpinzu,May 18, 2017
he has a dig bick brandonpinzu
Sent by TayBear17,May 18, 2017
Sent by Crayadian,May 18, 2017
glad I didn't make the cut (whew)
Sent by GrrrImABear,May 18, 2017
awww I didnt make the list
Sent by Bluejay7622,May 18, 2017
do i need to try harder or what? I feel betrayed
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,May 18, 2017
Sent by cococolin122,May 18, 2017
you'd be top 10 people i love the most (inlove) cococolin122
Sent by TayBear17,May 18, 2017
why do u hate me that much :S lol u mad
Sent by Streamx,May 18, 2017
Lower than I expected lol
Sent by Hisoka,May 18, 2017
The fact that I dislike

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, & 10
Sent by Darriusdabest,May 19, 2017

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