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  1. I don’t operate on hate.
  2. my avi is cool
  3. Remember when we were all PANGAEA?
  4. I like hanging out with my mom
  5. I’m so hurt that Matthew09 would like a big..
  6. Hi welcome to Walmart
  7. Except when I dress like a frigid bitch
  8. ABIR is a queen
  9. WAIT nobody likes when Ben won either?
  11. PYN for a new blog game called CoEXIST!
  12. Who is sexier who do I save in stars
  13. What do you guys think I am more so?
  14. I am serving DEEP Crackhead realness!
  15. PYN If you’re an UPTOWN GIRL
  16. Hide Away-Daya
  17. LOL at that stupid girl getting banned from..
  18. FIREX is my favorite flavor
  19. I don’t take you seriously if you don’t type..
  21. Hi, can I talk to your boyfriend?
  22. Someone gift me something cute from Wonderland..
  23. I love how the real housewives just go out to eat..
  24. is where all the tea is at
  25. Is YouTube considered social media
  26. No title
  27. ZooBooks
  28. Happy Birthday to one of the best game hosts I..
  29. ItsAlexia’s next blog: The only one that likes..
  30. Billie Eilish verdict
  31. Ok Billie Eilish Stans what’s the one song I..
  32. Pop really needs someone to save the genre
  33. We need Tiffany Pollard as a Real Housewife
  34. I wish you would lay a finger on me

What do you guys think I am more so?

May 14, 2019 by TaurusMoon
A 3.5/10 like alanb1 and peace123 said
A 3/10 like daddydev said

Let me know in the comments


10/10 like stunzer said
Sent by Stunzer,May 14, 2019
stunzer you’re fired(thanks)
Sent by TaurusMoon,May 14, 2019
I gave u a 1 so personally a 3 seems more correct to me
Sent by peace123,May 14, 2019

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