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MarieEve did LIE

17thMay 21, 2019 by TaraG
Minnie ♡
I hope you get 2nd like we planned for your bday. I really wish you got it. You always happy make jokes and so nice. you are perfect. You are so unique and never change please. you always make games so fun and this site will be boring witbout you. You are perfect ! love u lots and thanks for joining. this charity happened because of convinced me so I owe you lots♡

She had pov and used POV on woe, so how exactly did she expect minniemax to come 2nd

Explain that one blitszims


you never have up right ?
I told Minnie about that mistake
I though by giving her low number she would still get 2nd

I'm sorry I'm not a pro rookies games ..i do mistakes
now mind your own seem really sad to make you mind others life business.
go find another obsession
Sent by MarieEve,May 21, 2019
I assumed woe had pov tbh
Sent by Blitszims,May 21, 2019
if you really wanted her to have 2nd place, you would use pov on her.
You aren't that stupid are you?
Sent by TaraG,May 21, 2019
apparently iam
Sent by MarieEve,May 21, 2019
well there you go blitszims you learn something new everyday :D
Sent by TaraG,May 21, 2019
on the brightside im trending
wooooo woooooo
Sent by Minniemax,May 21, 2019
What charity? Awww why wasn’t I invited, I would have joined :(
Sent by DracoMalfoy,May 21, 2019

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