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Obeyme makes a blog about me

Apr 7, 2019 by TaraG
imagethen blocks me.
pussy ass

Pic of me at work at the bank :D
Where is ur pic busybee obeyme?


Same LOL.
Sent by WhateverTheF,Apr 7, 2019
I work.  You don't.
Sent by obey_me,Apr 7, 2019
LOL, how do you know what I do in life! LOL
You obviously dont!
Sent by TaraG,Apr 7, 2019
Bank?  Lol.
Sent by obey_me,Apr 7, 2019
Yup. :D
Sent by TaraG,Apr 7, 2019
Yes, bank obey_me
Have you never heard of one?
A bank is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits and make loans. Banks may also provide financial services, such as wealth management, currency exchange, and safe deposit boxes. There are two types of banks: commercial/retail banks and investment banks. In most countries, banks are regulated by the national government or central bank.
Sent by WhateverTheF,Apr 7, 2019
Share ur pic now obeyme :)
Sent by TaraG,Apr 7, 2019
Y'all are crazy! all of this over someone's job status? YEET
but yaaa, Tara has worked ever since I first met her on here!
Sent by nijoco,Apr 7, 2019
TaraG this Holly
Sent by Verdon,Apr 9, 2019

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