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Adding to "My List of Haters"

19thDec 15, 2018 by TaraG
ADDED #4, c

#4- tonyalbright
He is so original, again with the old insults LOL.
Tony is mad at me for evicting kweins from a survivor over a year ago. But from what I have seen, lots of others do the same thing LMAO
ttyn isn't long enough for me :P

You are so full of shit, you hate me cause I evicted kweins plain and simple. And me obsessive, ur the one making it on the obsessive list :P
I am fine with my looks and my boobs, you on the other hand look like a sick rat. Member when you told me you go for guys cause they are easier to get with. Girls just aren't into you. :/ I always felt bad for you tbh.
(also, it is a thing now, when someone gets all pissy cause I evict their friend, I tell them not to go all tonyalbright on me)

PURE OBSESSION, where is this coming from? LOL

#3- jayglezst
LMAO, you telling me to watch what I post because there are children on this site!
Making a special section just for all ur perverted posts
--> (enter jay pervert blogs here)

Bull shit, but I will stop @ing you when I make updates. Until your obsession takes over again and you have to blog about me ;) Then I will save it here and @  the fuck out of you so everyone can see

#2 maturo
This is an older blog, but the above dumbass shared the link, so why not add it to my list :)
What can I say, another one who thinks the age joke bothers me.
And news flash maturo, I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of me sweetie. But if they want to come for me, they better thicken up their skin for the reprisal.

Here maturo tells me how he "can't stress enough how I shouldn't have him filtered if I am going to blog about him"
Guess what, fuck you problem child. Anyone who is going to come at me in blogs, out of nowhere, can live on my filter list.


My answer to his blog, it isn't in the screenshot, "I don't give a shit, but I think the obsessers do, so I will continue to @ you all in my blogs <3
Also, look up literally maturo, as you obviously don't know what it means "

#1 YoundAndReckless
In his blog he over exaggerates my age, which is such a lame insult as I myself am not old, so duh...It would be like me, calling him a toddler who knows shit about the world.
Would that insult him, no, because he is not a toddler.
Some people just need to come up with better material tbh.

In this blog, he already feels stupid for making the above blog. Trying to pawn off his stupidness with other tengaged users. (TY for the link, will add maturo to the list :)

I don"t dish out insults, I return the dish to the chef. :p
Show proof of 1 time I insulted someone when I wasnt responding to a blog. Good luck honey.
As for filtering, fucking right. I dont start shit, and i dont want shit on my blogs. As for reporting people. If admin sees all the harrasment in these blogs, he can ban people, I won't mind.


most of these users are mean to a lot of people, i see a trend!
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