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  10. I have never been so poor.
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  12. 🎂Happy Birthday 🎂
  13. My evil was even to much for Thirteen
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  19. gonna watch bb now
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  21. I love you Nicky!
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  23. 🎂Happy Birthday🎂
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  26. Under the "help" tab in casting
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  29. I am Not Spamming For FireX in Stars
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  36. Should I make ANOTHER report to admin
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  39. Are You A Top or Bottom?
  40. ❤🎁Thank You for the gift🎁❤


3rdSep 16, 2018 by TaraG
I am 12th in top 20 housemates, of course I will have haters, I didn't get 12th without making enemies.
But you need to do your job properly and take the reports without prejudice.
I do not stalk, or harass any members of tengaged.
Well I may stalk firex, but he is a my hottie so can't help myself.
Other then that, I will only respond to hate, I do not start shit!


i mean you can get to 12th and not be rude to people lol :P
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 16, 2018
Girl you’re too old for this
Sent by ManniBoi,Sep 16, 2018
you were always rude to me thumper... so ur point?
Sent by TaraG,Sep 16, 2018
I love you tarag <3333
Sent by adamgrant,Sep 17, 2018
adamgrant <3
Sent by TaraG,Sep 17, 2018
+6 queen
Sent by TheLightIsComing,Sep 17, 2018

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