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  2. Never saw this design before!
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  6. Adding to, "My List of Obsessers"
  7. My List of Obsessers.
  8. help rookies charity
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  10. If there was a "special spot" on ur
  11. aw, ty <3
  13. Queen!
  14. Shout out
  15. me @ all the losers
  16. I have never been so poor.
  17. 🎂Happy Birthday 🎂
  18. Me when I gifted too much...
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  20. Sorry livvieboo
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  28. Are You A Top or Bottom?
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  31. pyn
  32. I am confident in myself
  33. pyn for a gif
  34. pyn ur favorite gif
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  36. I have never ruined a charity
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  39. 95 tengagers
  40. fuck all tengaged


3rdSep 16, 2018 by TaraG
I am 12th in top 20 housemates, of course I will have haters, I didn't get 12th without making enemies.
But you need to do your job properly and take the reports without prejudice.
I do not stalk, or harass any members of tengaged.
Well I may stalk firex, but he is a my hottie so can't help myself.
Other then that, I will only respond to hate, I do not start shit!


i mean you can get to 12th and not be rude to people lol :P
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 16, 2018
you were always rude to me thumper... so ur point?
Sent by TaraG,Sep 16, 2018
I love you tarag <3333
Sent by adamgrant,Sep 17, 2018
adamgrant <3
Sent by TaraG,Sep 17, 2018
+6 queen
Sent by TheLightIsComing,Sep 17, 2018

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