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19thJul 26, 2018 by TaraG
I have you filtered because I do not want to deal with you. You still constantly blog about me, HARRASMENT !


3. Posting of Skype conversations (or other quotes) -
If you blog or post a copy of a Skype conversation (or other quotes from another user) in a game, YOU are responsible for what you post on Tengaged, not the person who originally said it.

>>>>>You keep posting pms that should not be on this site. There are children here.

4. Accusing anyone of illegal activities (defamation of character including comments regarding pedophilia) -
If you have PROOF of these activities, please contact Moderation IF it will impact users on the site. Punishment will vary depending on the comment and degree of negative impact it could have on a user. Minimum punishments are:
First offense = 3-day ban, unless you have NO other bans on your account, then you will get a warning.

>>>>>I have the proof that the link you keep sharing is not a child. Where is your proof against me? You have none, so you should be banned for constantly defaming my name

8. Sexually explicit comments/messages/blogs - Updated 1/4/2014

Remember, this site includes 13-year-olds and people who are at work. If you wouldn't want your boss or your mom to see it, don't post it. If we deem a comment or blog inappropriate, you may receive a temporary ban (without warning), or at minimum, we will blacklist you for 3 days. The next offense will result in a 7-day blacklist; 3rd offense is 3 day ban and 7-day blacklist, going upwards from there, depending on the extent of the content

>>>>>This goes back to the above #3. Rob keeps sharing inappropriate pms on blogs, He should be banned.

13. Lying to moderation -
Lying to mods or submitting fabricated evidence. Punishment equal to the offense you lied about/fabricated (e.g., if you submit a fake screenshot trying to get someone banned for porn, YOU will be permed).

>>>>>Once it is proven rob is lying about me being a pedophile, he should be permabanned


you're caught TareG
Sent by CallMePam,Jul 26, 2018
The jig is up
Sent by Mitchkid64,Jul 26, 2018

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