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1stMay 22, 2018 by TaraG
So I am really wondering about robozoe obsession with me.
Is it a hate obsession? Would he waste every minute of his time on tengaged on me, because of a hunger game over a year ago?
Or is it a love obsession? I mean, when i made him the bikini pic, he did start being nicer towards me. I just ignored him. And now, that I have been exposed sexting with someone, he is coming back at me more then ever.
Leads me to believe he is in love with me. Aww, poor robozoe, you are not my type. I am not interested in skinny little, poofy armpit hair boys.

So plus if you think it is love, neg if you think it is hate.

Sent by astone929,May 22, 2018
Sent by honeybunch1,May 22, 2018
I am not interested in skinny little, poof armpit hair boys.
Me pmsl irl you go girl tarag
Sent by adamgrant,May 22, 2018
Sent by greyconverse,May 22, 2018
He’s gay I think lol
Sent by Fetish,May 22, 2018
YAS MOM <3333
Sent by titoburitto,May 22, 2018
Sent by danyyboy67,May 22, 2018
Definitely love
Sent by GoodKaren,May 22, 2018
Ok well I’m literally into skinny little, poofy armpit hair boys so robozoe u have my sc just make the move...
Sent by Bridgette77,May 22, 2018
bridgette77 looks like Freddy from nightmare on elm street
Sent by jackyboy,May 22, 2018
Sent by jwbrine,May 22, 2018
Sent by TaraG,May 22, 2018
Robo who?
Sent by Steven999,May 22, 2018
Sent by BengalBoy,May 23, 2018

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