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Thunder Cunt

11thMay 21, 2018 by TaraG
Most undeserving winner tbh
Tara is the reason I chose not to return because she is an obsessed 50 something year old who spends all her time on here chasing after guys because she has no life of her own. Sent by me2013,May 21, 2018

post taken from this blog
I didn't want to post negativity, as mel likes to do, on other peoples blogs

just because mexicanmel calls me 50 year old, doesnèt make it true :P I hear say that me2013 is an old, overweight man. Does me saying it make it true? Of course not, but unlike me, who people have seen my pics (I will be sending FX a special pic on skype, not tg pms since we know how mel likes to go snooping through his pms :)
anyway, finishing my sentence, unlike me, the only pic mel will share is her avi pic! LOL So I will tend to believe she is hiding something.
So feel free to ask firex if he believes I am 50 mexicanmel <3


Sent by MarieEve,May 21, 2018
me2013 thundercunt
Sent by Matisse,May 21, 2018

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