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  1. You know what jay is
  2. tbh
  3. I am confident in myself
  4. pyn for a gif
  5. when I comment on a blog,
  6. pyn ur favorite gif
  7. Good Luck
  8. If I have a design that gets posted in shops,
  9. XXX gif
  10. Wait a minute...
  11. I have never ruined a charity
  12. 🌟OMG!!! Late Stars Support!🌟
  13. lol at mel pming my friends
  14. Randomize!!
  15. 🎁thanks🎁
  16. Nothing special
  17. 🐵🎁🎉Happy Birthday Martin🎉🎁🐵
  18. ok, little boy...
  19. why you don't share his name?
  20. 95 tengagers
  21. fuck all tengaged
  22. Poll
  24. All this time I was worried for nothing!
  25. Thunder Cunt
  26. Posting For A Friend
  27. Pyn
  28. Stars Support
  29. Thirteen!
  30. 💘sweetie💘
  31. Me wanting to play frooks...
  32. Time to do a good deed again
  33. ❤ Thank you ❤
  34. My last post ever to Babeeeidah...
  35. randomize everytime he logs on
  36. OK, This needs to be said
  37. 💜 Thank you 💜
  38. 🐱 Thank you🐱
  39. Thirteen!!!!!!
  40. 👶Baby Hash 👶

Since she knows she can't win with me....

19thMar 6, 2018 by TaraG
Big bad obey_me blocked me.
I will still respond to your comments though, so,

"tarag so there you go. You're an imbecile. You obviously are going through menopausal status that you have to try and cause trouble. Jack knows I wouldn't intentionally ruin his charity. Fool.
Sent by obey_me,Mar 6, 2018"

Of course jack would say it is fine! WTF, do you not know him at all? But deep down, you both know you ruined.
And again with the age thing? Menopause at 35, OK dumbass. You can believe that as much as believing jack believes you!!


Sent by spikedcurley,Apr 23, 2018

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