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3rdMar 3, 2018 by TaraG
I will tell if I think a gift I have gifted someone was a good idea, or a waste of my t$.

10 #SparkySault - USA T-SHIRT, waste cause he is at 100 days (miss you!)
20 cheritaisdelicious - cute bunny, I don't see her wear it often, but easter is coming, so I am sure it will get some use :)
30 scottmaster2 - Male hair, sort of a waste cause he always wears his cape
40 Brainjak - blue eyes, definitely not a waste, he needed them to finish his avi!
50 nikotime - male tatt skin, BIG WASTE, :(
60 masqui - full male avi, not a waste, now he doesn't have to be a grren thing
70 JackEdgeAKATheEdge - cheeky smile, not a waste
80 spikedcurley - male skin with beard, waste :(  (guys are so picky with skins!)
90 raonic - snakebite lips, he isn't wearing them now, but I think he liked them, so not a waste <3
100 Thirteen - pink save me sign, lol, not a waste, cause it is funny ;)
110 BeastBoy - Hunger Games, not a waste, cause he really wanted it
120 abrogated - Taz, such a waste, abro is a little fucker!
130 iTy990 - male skin, not a waste but not sure why he is a noob avi right now!
140 cswaggerr - red ball cap, not a waste cause he wanted it <3
150 jayglezst - suit, waste, don't think he liked it
160 #JackEdgeAKATheEdge -scarebear, total waste
170 BolieverIsBack - polo shirt, Not a waste at all!
180 GoodKaren - kitty, how can a kitty for good karen be a waste?
190 iamremedy - blue hair, not a waste <3
200 yaddddiggz - Pikachu hoodie, not a waste <3
210 moneyshot - snake bite, not a waste <3
220 maddog16 -- green eyes, no way a waste, look how cute ur avi is! 💜
230 #thirteen - woods background, not a waste, i made it especially for you 👽
240 jacadeux - green eyes, not a waste
250 thewolfman - charizard, not a waste, this really is a cute avi!
260 #nikotime - snoralox, not a waste, a birthday 🎁 for my bby
270 #tadnuggets69 - male skin, ur 1st gift, so not a waste
280 walker - male eyes, not a waste, he needed them
290 gimli - white tux, another waste cause you have left :( i miss you and your songs!!
300 aaronray - male skin, not a waste, every avi needs a nose!
310 Asupreme - male skin, not a waste
320 @tonyaalbright - blowjob, waste!
330 lazeric - sleevless, I don't even know
340 king_lance - bandana, not a waste
350 #cswaggerr - calvine cline, not a waste <3
360 #Thirteen - clown, not a waste
370 #Thirteen - laser eyes, waste cause they don't work
380 #nikotime -  black hoodie, not a waste <3
390 alex861 - red and black background, waste, he didn't like it that much :(
400 #brainjak - Pikachu hoodie, not a waste! <3<3
410 #jackedgeakatheedge  - black male eyes, not a waste
420 #thirteen _ scary guy, not a waste, it is a scary guy :P
430 #cswaggerr - blonde male hair, not a waste, he deserves more gifts


Sent by Birks4444,Mar 3, 2018
Sent by thewolfman,Mar 3, 2018
I love my hat lol
Sent by cswaggerr,Mar 3, 2018
TaraG yup! I'll be an adorable bunny very soon!
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Mar 3, 2018
Hopefully I wasn't a waste and if I am I still love you TARA :D
Sent by Maddog16,Mar 3, 2018
So nice how you gifted so many people :)
Sent by GoodKaren,Mar 4, 2018
waiting for my gift....
Sent by Manson,Mar 4, 2018
You are so nice wow
Sent by snakecharmer,Mar 4, 2018
Props to you TaraG for gifting so many people!
Sent by Birks4444,Mar 4, 2018
Love you Tara!
Sent by ASupreme,Mar 4, 2018
How do you make hair in the design studio? Thx in advance!
Sent by Cookie_13,Mar 4, 2018

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