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if you are going to blog shit about people

20thJan 12, 2018 by TaraG
Don't filter them you pussy robbx2
What is the matter, you can give, but can't take?

Concerning this:
TaraG, before you jump to defend him, here's the proof I mentionned in my mail about him talking shit about you and starting drama between you and I. There's plenty more.  You're welcome :

OHHHH, big bad jayglezst told you I said "Eww!"

LOL, you pmd me, "He copy/pasted all the stuff you were saying and made you a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig joke in my charity chat."

I am such a big joke because I said eww about you! LMAO, I think that makes you the big joke!

edit: yes I did filter you robbx2 lol I knew it would bother you! Pussyboy :D


You do the same thing though?
Sent by beccajo16,Jan 12, 2018
the answer is in the blog beccajo16
lol, finish reading things before you comment
Sent by TaraG,Jan 12, 2018
But how can you call someone a pussy for doing the exact same thing that you do? and reading the whole thing doesn't change the fact that you do the exact thing when you blog shit about them and then filter them so they can't come right back at you? And if it was to bother him...maybe he's just bothering you? But yet he's the pussy...seems a bit hypocritical.
Sent by beccajo16,Jan 12, 2018
Sent by beccajo16,Jan 12, 2018
why would I let him have the easy way of responding on my blogs when the pussy won't let me?
Sent by TaraG,Jan 12, 2018
But I’m do this exact same thing to others. Now you must know how it feels. *shrugs*
Sent by beccajo16,Jan 12, 2018
Sent by TaraG,Jan 12, 2018

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