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I dont know why...

13thSep 24, 2017 by TaraG
...I won Thirteen s charity. 😞
I did everything I could for him to win, and he didn't even get 2nd!
The only thing I can see that affected it, was jayglezst not posting, negging any of us or plussing Thirteen on the last day.So we gave him our 3s to make sure he didn't ruin it.
  Can any rookies experts tell me what happened.
Sorry Thirteen.


Sent by CarliitosD,Sep 24, 2017
Atleast you tried to make Thirteen win!!
Sent by varlto,Sep 24, 2017
same :(
Sent by Mario23,Sep 24, 2017
I just hope none of the betters are angry.
Sent by Thirteen,Sep 24, 2017
I hate when I see people not win the charities they start. Sorry Thirteen :/
Sent by Paige5459,Sep 24, 2017
Maybe should had 13 spam
Sent by CHEYSHIFFLETT,Sep 24, 2017
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Sep 24, 2017
"Maybe should had 13 spam"

You donèt know how much I nagged at him about this CHEYSHIFFLETT !!!
Sent by TaraG,Sep 24, 2017
I just went over the posts for days 5 and 6, nothing seems too fishy, yeah, he could have been more active, but sometimes algo is just unpredictable.
Sent by Ekatherinna,Sep 24, 2017
stfu, don't talk and that's all
Sent by sandym89,Sep 24, 2017
lol sandym89 how about you check what you are talking about instead of looking like a dumb bitch. I posted 1 comment so I could get negged, it is what you are supposed to do.
So go back and sit in the corner with ur dunce cap on please, you are of no help to me.
Sent by TaraG,Sep 24, 2017
thirteen should have spoke more with the 2 that were going to be voted out for 4th and 5th
Sent by sjsoccer88,Sep 24, 2017
people still got T so they can't really complain haha. That's why I bet half on you, I love thirteen but I know he can get inact at times!
Sent by woeisme,Sep 24, 2017
I looked in at the end since the one I was in got ruined and I was like awwww look how nice they are helping I was shocked
On the other hand I've been shocked a lot this week
I got F5 in a casting keys...$1 in deal ..didn't talk as much as usual...never on the blockand people with keys were on the block
And there have been other weird fishy things happening randomize problems ???
But much love ♥️💜💙💚💛 tarag 😘
Sent by Minniemax,Sep 24, 2017

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