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Lots of Drama, Today, For Me, on Here

Jul 3, 2017 by TaraG
But, it didn't get to me at all. Little assholes ( RoboZoe and abrogated) can come at me everyday, it doesn't bug me. Their lame attempts at hurting me don't work in the least...
But I have to say the amount of love I got was surprising even to me!  <3
Moneyshot NikoTime scooby0000 iTy990 LivvieBoo12 jojo7784 captainzacsparrow Allison Steven999 BrainJak pizzawithcookirs GoodKaren  2388 (grrr!) Foxtrot jtb123 and Thirteen  And how many have I missed!?!?!   EDIT- like woeisme and mohaxurrito <3


+12 :)
Sent by GoodKaren,Jul 3, 2017
+14 :) Ignore the haters!
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Jul 3, 2017
+15, Stay strong and don't let them drag you into unwanted drama. Just genuinely apologize for whatever they think you did to them and say you'll try to be a better person in the future, and that whether they like it or not any drama from this point onward will be completely created and caried out by there side.
Sent by iTy990,Jul 3, 2017
OMG iTy990, I have already tried! Believe me!
Sent by TaraG,Jul 3, 2017
this site is drama central. continue not letting it get to you!
Sent by woeisme,Jul 3, 2017
tarag always here queen inhale love exhale hate ;)
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Jul 4, 2017
I love you too babe :)
Sent by Steven999,Jul 4, 2017
ILY rawrr ;) tarag
Sent by 2388,Jul 4, 2017
We luv you so much TaraG


Don't let them get you down
Sent by BrainJak,Jul 4, 2017
I love you Tara <3 I always will have your back. you have more support than those ignorant asshole
Sent by MoneyShot,Jul 4, 2017

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