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Make blogs about me, but have me filtered!

Jul 3, 2017 by TaraG
I make enough, I only work 4 days a week.:D
And as for you having a better life then me, well, why are you still making blogs on me. It is because I know exactly how sorry your life is, isn't it. Like I told you, you need to get help to move on in your life. Or you can stay your sorry ass, making mean blogs about people, who don't even give a shit about you or what you say.
LOL, I will go back to forgetting about you know, until your next blog.
But I thought you and your family were big tough guys.... why don't you unfilter me you little pussy ass!


What he said was true
Sent by abrogated,Jul 3, 2017
Shut up abro
Sent by scooby0000,Jul 3, 2017

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