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For Every 10 Points

3rdDec 18, 2016 by TaraG
I'll give my opinion on a person who commented. Starting with the 1st and working my way down. If I don't know or remember you, I will go to your page and read some of your blogs, last mentions and last actions. 

#titoburitto - Keeping in mind to, "spread love not hate", I love your user name 
#MrBird - You are always nice and fun to talk to in castings
#turkeylover - You aren't very good at planning charities, I will join to help < 3
woeisme - For sure all good for you. I always hate when I pm the wrong person in castings, except the time I pm'd you, that was a good mistake < 3
#TheKevmiester - We only played one casting, but both got to final day. You are nice and funny and hope we play another game together some day
s73100 - Sam is a sweetie, I miss playing castings with you! < 3
#Libanz00 - I don't really know you, I remember being in games with you, but we didn't chat much
shellbelle - You are my favorite female on TG! I love you my twinzie! I am always there for you if you need help < 3
joshie1 - Easy one, no pun intended ; )  You are a horny boy! < 3
10 #Brandt69 - I don't know you, but liked the video you posted in temponeptune gift giveaway
WpwSers196 - You are so nice, calm and honest. I wish all the best for you < 3
#acyuta - I don't know you, but from looking at your profile, I would like to : )
Thirteen - 13th opinion has to go to Thirteen, even if he isn't here. 1st thing I do when I log onto TG in the morning, is check for a key in casting, then I go check Thirteens page, to see if he is on, or to read his blogs. To me, he is my, "BOO" < 3
#king_lance - You are my knight in shining armour ; ) i love that anytime someone says something mean to, or about me, you are right there to stick up for me. < 3 u Landon!
tonyalbright - So many good things to say about you! You are kind, funny and a cutie, to name a few. I am happy to have you as a friend. I love you tonyalbright! < 3
Steven999 - You are such a sweetie! I was happy to have helped you in ur charity, and I hope you make it till last day in our casting! < 3
#BluJay112 - You are another really nice person. I hope we get to play in a casting again soon. I like talking with you. : )
#Osiris - I don't know you. I am always mixing you up with McBenjamin though, because of ur avi. I like you 100 times better then him though. ; )
Yaddddiggz - You are another TGer that is so nice and I love! I hope you get your dream job that lets you play on here as much as you like! I am always here for you if you need to talk, even if it is just to pass the time as you wait for a plane to land. < 3
#hellocat - We must have played a game before, because I remember seeing ur page, "hi guys I like to say hello a lot I love cats", and thinking, I like her. You must not have lasted long, because we didn't become friends. : (
20 #Thumper91 - I don't know you but I want hair like you! < 3 It is sooo pretty! You seem really nice from the stuff written on your page. : )
#Lazeric - My favorite linebacker! I think I forgot to say happy birthday to you! :O  Happy Late Birthday! < 3
#Druhhbby2 - I don't think we have ever played a game together before. What sticks out for me on your profile is that you made abrogated s love list. I can only make his hate list! :/
#Maryland - I have always liked you but since we haven't been in any games together for awhile, we don't talk. We should talk more < 3
#pizzawithcookirs - I remember you from a casting because I liked your username, but you didnt seem extra friendly...
m7md26 - I don't know you, but I really like your avi. I hope you and your bff make up.
PMMGuy - aw, PMMGuy, I liked you, then you voted me out of a couple survivors, then I voted ur multi out to get even. Then I ignored you for awhile. But I can't help liking you. Let's have a clean slate. < 3
cswaggerr - my sugar daddy < 3 I will do anything for you, just ask. (well, not anything, but you know what I mean ; )
Joobix - Never heard of you before, but I feel you for the cold weather! I hate it!
Pegasus1234 - We have never talked and I have nothing bad to say about you. I think it would be weird to talk with you though, you are like a celebrity!
30 quackattack817 - Dennis Duck! You work way tooo much! But I think you would be easy to love if you were around more. < 3
Icarus_Mark - I really like you, and though we have started talking more, it still doesn't feel enough. We should play a casting together! ; )
QueenMichelle - I don't know you. I love your avi though.
Suha - I have seen you blogging, and responding to blogs, and I like it. You make me smile. But... are you EmmzX?
raonic - Nick < 3 We were noobie friends! Then you left for a bit, but I am glad you are back now.!
#Weetmaster - 1st time seeing you, l like your opinion on thigh gaps. : )
heatherlum - We just played another casting not that long ago. You are such a nice, sweet person!
Magicalbaby - I think we were in the group game, "12 GAMES OF CHRISTMAS (GIFT GIVEAWAY)". Naybe I am wrong... I quit that game, I hate being a quitter.
#Roshy - Played my first games with you tonight, but couldn't really get an opinion on you. I just don't know!
#AdamRuinsEverything - I don't know you, but looking through your profile, I would like you to grill me some lobster tails ; )
40 alex861 -    I love talking to you, but sometimes you make me mad. I think that is because I like you too much. But, because I like you too much, I can't stay mad for long. Ti amo < 3
ASupreme - Dan, you are one of the nicest people on TG! I am always so glad when I see you join a casting I am in!  I love your hot lips!! < 3
Aerodynamics - I don't know you, but I hope you get a gift soon!
#Wade03 - I don't know you, but thank you for pyning on my blog, that was nice : )
#Spinner554 - I don't know you either. I am sorry you lost to Negans multis though.
#Nebula - I don't know you either, but yay, we both made abrogated s hate list, We must be doing something right!
iamremedy - Jed, we met in a casting where you shared your Tara pic, I loved you ever since. We haven't had a chance to talk much lately.... hope to meet up in a casting sometime soon! < 3
Jacadu - I played a couple games with you lately, but we didn't talk much. I did tag you in,"Pizza's Giveaway Tags" though. Good luck!
#LoopyCoco1 - I don't know you, but your avi makes me think you are Canadian. YA, eh!!
fishingguy22 - We were on, I think a survivor, and I voted you out. You had messaged me to late, I had already gone to bed, so I couldn't change my vote. I felt bad because I wish I would have kept you. Then, in other games after, I felt you were after me, but I never voted you out. I wanted you for a friend. Then, finally after a rookies I think it was, you saw I was being true. Now I hope you consider me a friend < 3
50 jsylvia76 - You were so fun when we played together, we need to play again soon, or just start talking. < 3
#MargaretWilkins - I don't know you, I really like your avi though.
#Crayadian - lool mild lool
#2388 - Tiger ; )


Me giggles
Sent by titoburitto,Dec 18, 2016
This is complicated wtf
Sent by MrBird,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by turkeylover,Dec 18, 2016
me (only if it's good though)
Sent by woeisme,Dec 18, 2016
Me even though u don't know me that much
Sent by TheKevmiester,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by s73100,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Libanz00,Dec 18, 2016
Me hun! Love ya!
Sent by shellbelle,Dec 18, 2016
Me Babe < 33333
Sent by joshie1,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Brandt69,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by WpwSers196,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by acyuta,Dec 18, 2016
(since he is not here, I post for him)
Sent by TaraG,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by king_lance,Dec 18, 2016
Hey :)
Sent by tonyalbright,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Steven999,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by BluJay112,Dec 18, 2016
Sounds fun
Sent by Osiris,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Yaddddiggz,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by hellocat,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Thumper91,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Lazeric,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Druhhbby2,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Maryland,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by m7md26,Dec 18, 2016
me :)
Sent by PMMGuy,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by cswaggerr,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Joobix,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Pegasus1234,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by quackattack817,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by QueenMichelle,Dec 18, 2016
xoxo Dreamdawl
Sent by Suha,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by raonic,Dec 18, 2016
I'll give it a go
Sent by Weetmaster,Dec 18, 2016
would love to know what people think of me on here
Sent by heatherlum,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Magicalbaby,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Roshy,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by AdamRuinsEverything,Dec 18, 2016
ahahah go for it Bitch! im here!
Sent by alex861,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by ASupreme,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Aerodynamics,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Wade03,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Spinner554,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by Nebula,Dec 18, 2016
Love youuuuuu
Sent by shellbelle,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by iamremedy,Dec 18, 2016
i mean +11
Sent by iamremedy,Dec 18, 2016
I'd like to get in line +11
Sent by Jacadu,Dec 18, 2016
Sent by LoopyCoco1,Dec 19, 2016
Sent by fishingguy22,Dec 19, 2016
Sent by jsylvia76,Dec 19, 2016
Sent by MargaretWilkins,Dec 19, 2016
you're a mild age hag , with no husband and no kids :/ must suck being a closeted lesbian
Sent by Crayadian,Dec 19, 2016
Sent by 2388,Dec 19, 2016
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