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is this bitch serious

11thJul 15, 2012 by Tanarexix
image austino15fffan

if you are going to play a game
play it
dont be a fucking whiney ass little bitch and cheat because you were outsmarted and getting outplayed
you seriously have some mental issues you need to address as well
you're not better than anyone if anything you proved how pathetic you really are

do yourself a favour and fuck off

if you need to cheat to have a chance, clearly you were getting outplayed
you are such a fucking little cumstain on this site that if i told you to get fucked we all know you never could, you fugly little troll.


oh tana lol
Sent by ladylizard,Jul 15, 2012
Sent by TheOnionNewsNetwork,Jul 15, 2012
lol +8
Sent by danio,Jul 15, 2012
LOLOL get it
Sent by bellajennaxo,Jul 16, 2012
LMFAOOOOOOO ugh I don't like that kid
Sent by JoyfulJ,Jul 16, 2012
Lol so funny
Sent by PrinceRomeo,Jul 16, 2012
Sent by lonelypuppie,Jul 16, 2012
he is an idiot without a life
Sent by Edison,Jul 16, 2012
austino15fffan is a cry baby no1 likes him.

Sent by Timster,Jul 16, 2012

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