Big Brother and online Hunger games.


9thJan 12, 2012 by Tanarexix


Preach it sistah!!!
Sent by Insanity17,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by Peter007,Jan 12, 2012
I agree!
i liked the 6hour one much bettter.
Sent by marrrss,Jan 12, 2012
yes! hates crookies
Sent by DEACES,Jan 12, 2012
yeah I preferred the 6 hour ones even though they were kind of shit haha. My favourite were fast rookies that actually gave decent prizes.
Sent by HelenCoops,Jan 12, 2012
I loved the other one =\
Sent by Markb101,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by bellajennaxo,Jan 12, 2012
Fucking jOke
Sent by luckyluv,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by _Aria,Jan 12, 2012
:) agreed
Sent by carlab1,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by Hestia,Jan 12, 2012
Oh gosh. They won't listen to you but I would love it back.
Sent by potatoman4,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by Hump,Jan 12, 2012
crookies sucks so bad
Sent by bigupboy,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by Lucinda,Jan 12, 2012
100% agreed!!!!
Sent by tommyboy614,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by iDannielle,Jan 12, 2012
< 3 hate crookies
Sent by Hannah_Banks2250,Jan 12, 2012
I still think it should be 12 hours, but with the regular Big Brother rules.
Sent by RitaBlankets,Jan 12, 2012
make this a top blog please :D
Sent by tommyboy614,Jan 12, 2012
No I hate them because I got screwed twice for not being online one DC
Sent by xXandytraicyXx,Jan 12, 2012
tbh i hated the 6 hour dc ones too :s  but the fast games were great :P
Sent by dmann,Jan 12, 2012
What about people who can't log in every six hours?
Sent by heatherbear,Jan 12, 2012
there not going to change it idt, because thats what a frookies is for, and even if they did change it the karma pay out would be a lot less because crookies takes longer and more effort

but i liked this idea, the only reason why it got changed was because people hated the constant premades that joined and won.
Sent by EmilyJones,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by toro,Jan 12, 2012
Sent by somedevil55,Jan 13, 2012
i like it, but then again the 6 hour one was kinda bad too because i cant log in every 6 hours, so maybe like, 9 or 10 hour day changes would be nice, at least i can log in everyday change.

oh oh oh, and i like the idea of switching your eviction vote, instead of saving one, because sometimes i regret evicting certain people so it would be nice if i can switch my vote and stuff.
Sent by Akora,Jan 13, 2012
6 hours is to hard for a lot of people, who like, sleep and stuff
crazy things like that
Sent by MintCokeify,Jan 13, 2012
I agree 100%!

randomize please bring back the other rookies!
Sent by M2thamax,Jan 13, 2012
+15 plus another 410723984701298 if i could
Sent by snels66,Jan 13, 2012
I hated the 6 hour one, but I hate this one too @_@.
I'd prefer a game like frookies, but each DC is 12 hours. That with our current crookies payout would be perfect.
Sent by TheThomas,Jan 13, 2012
I think having to get to know you fellow competitors is half the challenge being forced to talk to them as if you were in the big brother house (or be singled out)

What do you wish you guys could join with premades again and not actually have to have any real game plaY?
Sent by Fredcrugar,Jan 13, 2012
missing the cast=(..miss you guys soo much=(
Sent by Titiwhyam,Jan 13, 2012
The six hour ones sucked...I disagree with this, if you actually care about getting to know people, crookies are the way to they have a pretty fair payout if you do well
Sent by MattyBB9,Jan 13, 2012
Sent by MintCokeify,Jan 13, 2012
Six hour Rookies - Too short of DCs
Twenty-Four hor Rookies - Too long of DCs.
Twelve hour DCs - Just right.

In my opinion anyways.
Sent by Insanity,Jan 13, 2012
I'd like a game where activity had nothing to do with what your placement was.
Sent by Questionable,Jan 13, 2012

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