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Hunger Games Season 2 Bloodbath

Mar 22, 2015 by Tadd
District 1
M: seapoose
F: smuguy2012

District 2
M: pureessence
F: tundra

District 3
M: pieguy555
F: lanadelrey_

District 4
M: hipposunite
F: g1ng4

District 5
M: KoolCoop
F: Padfoot

District 6
M: IceBeast
F: Jallina15

District 7
M: snap
F: espontaneo

District 8
M: kgunzrok
F: oreo270

District 9
M: tditdatdwt1234d
F: XavierR83

District 10
M: Simpizzle
F: snowgirl57

District 11
M: BigBrotherDonny
F: WannaBeeFriends

District 12
M: Macken
F: carrot has selected deaths and fights and the victors of those fights. also decides what people get from the bloodbath.
Good luck and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour.

The Tributes rise up seeing a dark red sky, smoke rises high in the air. There are buildings that stand hundreds of feet in the air, blocks that seem to go on for miles. Some buildings were broken, or on fire and others were perfectly fine. Directly in front of the tributes lies an open park. Their pedestals in a semi circle faced towards the cornucopia. There is a good supply of items.
6 swords
3 Dagger
2 Axes
2 Machetes
1 Mace
1 Set of Throwing knives
1 spear
1 revolver

2 water
2 bread
2 jerky
2 trail mix
3 backpacks
Bullets (6)

The timer starts to count down from 60 and the tributes zone in on their fight or flight reflexes. Many are deciding whether or not to go into the cornucopia and some are trying to find a tribute to kill right away.
48, 47, 46...
Career District 4 female volunteer g1ng4 looks to her right and see's the male from district 5 Koolcoop. Cooper is only 13 years old, his eyes watery and focused behind him. Ginger smiles as she knows he's going to run without trying to fight.
Strangely enough, District 11 had a Female volunteer, WannaBeeFriends who has been training all her life. She sits comfortably between the Male from District 4 hipposunite and the 14 year old boy Snap from district 7 who is shaking in his boots.
District 12 female Carrot trained under likevines20 (season 1 victor) for many weeks before the reaping with a bow. She scans the area, but see's no bows. She's heartbroken, but determined to get something. On her right, the District 10 female snowgirl57 is contempt on getting some daggers.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

The tributes race towards the cornucopia except #koolcoop who tries to flee immediatly, knowing he has not shot. #g1ng4 jumps on top of him and tackles him to the ground, snapping his neck
She turns around and runs towards the cornucopia, grabbing a sword and running towards the Axes. She grabs an axe picking up the set of throwing knives on the way. A loaf of bread sits just before the park exit.

#Hipposunite tackles #Wannabeefriends to the ground as #snap turns and runs from the cornucopia. Hippo and Bee roll around on the ground, fighting to get control over one another. Bee gets her head unstuck from Hippos hands and grabs the backpack that lays a few feet from them. She grabs the straps and wraps them around Hippos neck, pulling tight. Hippo starts to flop on the ground and then passes out, motionless.
She takes her backpack and flees the cornucopia.
Macken runs for the Mace, he knows he can use this weapon well when he runs into the female from district 7, Espontaneo. She pushes him on the ground, but he trips her while she stands proud. They both roll back around, Espontaneo now wielding a sword. Macken dashes towards the Mace, but comes up short when a sword is launched through his chest.
Espontaneo grabs the mace, and pulls out the sword, grabbing a machete and some trail mix before dashing out of the cornucopia.

#snowgirl57 runs towards some daggers on top of a crate, but is kicked in the back of the knee by #Carrot who then punches snow in the back of the head. Snow stands back up, but she's already too late. Carrot had grabbed the dagger and Slit Snow's throat when she stood back up, then runs down one of the streets near the cornucopia.

The Female from District 6 Jallina15 runs to the right, planning on running away from the cornucopia without fighting stumbles upon a backpack far from the cornucopia. She got lucky she thinks and laughs.

tditdatdwt1234d runs into the corn keeping his eye on the axe that lay closes to him next to a recycle bin. When he gets there, Padfoot Jumps out, who grabs the Axe and hacks at tdi before he can stop himself. The Axe first chops through his forearm then implants in his thigh before it's used to cut off his head.
tdi falls to the ground and padfoot grabs the revolver, and a case of bullets not so far away before dashing away from the cornucopia.
The Male and Female from District 2 were next to eachother on their pedestals and ran into the cornucopia together. tundra grabbed a dagger, while pureessence grabbed some jerky. She then runs for a sword where she meets Lanadelrey_ who is also grabbing a sword. They turn and both swing once, but blocking their moves before they both turn to flee. It was too early to waste all their energy. Pureessence and Tundra run away from the cornucopia. Lanadelrey_ sees a tribute with some water and trail mix running towards a dagger. She leaps forward and sinks her sword through the tributes spine, dropping him to the ground. District 11 male Bigbrotherdonny lays motionless on the ground.
Lana gathers the dagger, water, and trail mix, then runs into the streets.
District 10 male jumps off his pedestal and heads for a machete. He successfully grabbed it when he was tackled to the ground by oreo270, who wanted that machete. They wrestle the machete cuts simpizzle's arm and he jumps back up, but oreo was already running into the distance with the machete.
This year, District one didn't have a volunteer. Two fourteen year olds, Seapoose and @smugy2012 were reaped. They run into the cornucopia and throw a punch at each other before they realize it's them. They grab the sword and jerky that lay on the sidewalk next to them, and they run away from he park, towards the streets.
District 3 male pieguy555 grabs the only spear in the cornucopia and runs away.
District 8 male kgunzrok grabs a back pack, and a loaf of bread, then runs down one of the streets lining the cornucopia.

XavierR83 grabs a bottle of water that sat next to his pedestal on the very edge. He also grabbed a sword before being able to quickly leave the area before half of the tributes got into the arena.

24th- KoolCoop - DISTRICT 5 MALE- neck snapped by g1ng4
23rd- hipposunite DISTRICT 4 MALE- strangled by wannabeefriends
22nd- macken - DISTRICT 12 MALE- stabbed by Espontaneo
21st- snowgirl57- DISTRICT 10 FEMALE- throat slit by Carrot
20th- tditdatdwt - DISTRICT 9 MALE - Decapitated by PadFoot
19th- bigbrotherdonny - DISTRICT 11 MALE- Stabbed by lanadelrey_

Congratulations to those tributes who survived the Bloodbath.

SMUGUY2012- jerky
TUNDRA- sword, jerky
PIEGUY555- spear
LANADELREY_- sword, dagger, trailmix, water
G1NG4- Axe, Sword, Throwing Knives, Bread
PADFOOT- Axe, Revolver, Bullets(6)
JALLINA15- backpack
ICEBEAST- nothing
ESPONTANEO- machete, mace, sword, trail mix
SNAP- nothing
KGUNZROK- backpack, bread
OREO270- machete
XAVIERR83- sword, water
SIMPIZZLE- nothing


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tundra we're alive babe yess
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I feel like dora the explorer right about now c:
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Mar 22, 2015
Simpizzle - NOTHING
lmfao :p
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g1ng4 killed me xD lol
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Lmao wannabeefriends
Sent by Tadd,Mar 23, 2015
koolcoop sorry I killed you!! :(
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RIP lmao
SNAP- nothing
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