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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

good vibes PYN ✨

Dec 4, 2023 by TGDeuxMoi
I need positivity today I really do so pyn and I’ll tell you what I like best about you no matter how shallow

CallMeTheGOAT - good vibes from you in frookies today you aren’t one of the frauds that play every game!!

Thumper91 - no matter what I’ve ever said about you, I do really admire the way you let things roll off you and not affect you in the way I would.

Jengaged - I feel like you have a certain indescribable lack of judgment towards others that made me like you more than a lot of people.

biminibonboulash - Two things one serious and one not. One, you really are just a friendly person that will take up a conversation with anyone in a way I can’t. Two, branding hun. You’re amazing at it. The way your account is named a drag queen that isn’t the one that’s associated with you is cunt.

Scooby69 - I don’t know a ton about you, but I’m pretty sure you have a dynamic duo always in games with you and as a former duo member I salute that.

Currents - I’ll get to this in…a bit

HeavyRain - I feel like saying people are funny is a tacky cop out, but you’re one of the most reliable people over a decade that can make me laugh. Like Top 5 probably ever.


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