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name a genre and i'll give you a song

Sep 20, 2021 by Symmetry888
BarbraStreisand // bubble pop electric by gwen stefani
Absol // i wanna dance with somebody by whitney houston
Veigar // lucid dreams by juice wrld is as good as it's gonna get bc i barely listen to rap
Buttercup13 // i'm so sick by flyleaf
HeavyRain // mason jar by smallpools (monsieur adi remix)
tbrown_47 // witches by good kid is indie rock music and i love them to bits!
oswordo3 // happy birthday by birthday massacre
ColinCoco // did you know there's videos of obama singing on youtube??? go him ig
Demgirl6 // aloha oe by cherry bullet


Sent by BarbraStreisand,Sep 20, 2021
Sent by Absol,Sep 20, 2021
rap that isn’t mainstream
Sent by Veigar,Sep 20, 2021
Sent by Buttercup13,Sep 20, 2021
Indie pop
Sent by HeavyRain,Sep 20, 2021
Indie and don’t hold back on me
Sent by tbrown_47,Sep 20, 2021
Nursery rhyme
Sent by oswordo3,Sep 20, 2021
Sent by ColinCoco,Sep 20, 2021
okay... gimme k-pop
Sent by Demgirl6,Sep 21, 2021
Sent by Absol,Sep 21, 2021

not the failed embed... embazz
Sent by Absol,Sep 21, 2021

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