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  25. i miss 6teen :/

i have to do all the hard work

Feb 17, 2018 by Symmetry888
imagesince oswordo3 won't expose a friend, i will!
Demgirl6 isn't even a girl!!!!!!! this is actually her


still sexy
Sent by peace123,Feb 17, 2018
symmetry888 I'm glad someone finally said it. I felt guilty keeping it a secret but its someone no one wanted to know... but its they deserve to know it.
Sent by oswordo3,Feb 17, 2018
Sent by oswordo3,Feb 17, 2018
oswordo3 it had to be done
Sent by Symmetry888,Feb 17, 2018
..,,,, ,, , how could you
Sent by Demgirl6,Feb 17, 2018
Demgirl6 it had to be done, derrick
Sent by Symmetry888,Feb 17, 2018
i hate that lying bitch
Sent by Absol,Feb 17, 2018
You mean her name isn’t even fucking Brooke?! Stop the lies, Derrick!
Sent by Logie56,Feb 18, 2018

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