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  1. Happy Birthday to me
  2. 3 more for birthday charity
  3. please join my birthday charity
  4. frookies?
  5. join my birthday charity
  6. join frooks with me?
  7. frooks?
  8. stars support
  9. another game runied by the spanish premade
  10. frookies
  11. pyn havent done one in a long time
  12. just got three spams in a row
  14. would anybody gift me eyes
  15. any phantom of the opera fans
  16. join surivor
  17. tengaged's newest purple level
  18. can somebody gift me eyes
  19. should i join frooks
  20. randomize
  21. should i join frooks
  22. happy easter
  23. any hamiliton fans
  24. stars support
  25. frookies?
  26. Happy Good Friday
  27. goodbye hamza
  28. many people hate me on here
  29. frookies
  30. when inact gets hoh in frooks
  31. 1 more for frooks
  32. i miss my best friend so much
  33. surivor
  34. stars support
  35. no title
  37. what is your career?
  38. tengaged's newest blue level
  39. one more exam my friends
  40. does anybody need me to plus anything

senatorial speech for swimgirl

Dec 5, 2017 by Swimgirl
I would like to run for the senate because i am a hard worker and will make sure everybody is heard. I very much love this game and i would make sure everybody has an enjoyable experience while on tengaged.  I would work very close with the president and the other senators to make sure everybody has a good time here. Please consider giving me your vote and remember VOTE FOR SWIMGIRL THE SWIMMER.



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