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  1. Anyone want to go to prom with me?
  2. I forgot I had these eyes
  3. Will You Still Love Me When
  4. I cant wait for college LOL
  5. Can you get banned for
  6. Tg jealousy honestly gives me life
  7. Is anyone good on?
  8. I hate my teacher
  9. Is anyone else excited for
  10. I legit need tg friends
  11. I hate guys who talk slang so much -.-
  12. Does anyone who is actually cool and funny
  13. I'm still worried about my dormmate
  14. Does anyone know what Rita's ice
  15. Im scared of dorming in college :(
  16. Why do you guys keep blogging
  17. You're good at hooking up
  18. Perfect Bad Boys Club Cast
  19. Seriously though, should I join stars?
  20. Does anyone want me to try
  21. Not trying to be rude buttt
  22. Am I the only one that actually
  23. Which album of Panic At The Disco
  24. I want to listen to an album
  25. Me and Insanity irl :)
  26. Lana Del Rey full album Youtube < 3
  27. He can twerk like its his job.
  28. LMFAO im so embarrassed
  29. Omg natalie spit on Kate
  30. Hiya!
  31. Oh yeah, I got accepted
  32. I hate people -.-
  33. How do you ask someone to
  34. I want this tattoo so bad :(
  35. Any1 else think this is so cute?
  36. Omg so one thing I hate hate hateeee
  37. The Bae is perf :')
  38. Has anyone seen the impossible?
  39. I want to go to this restaurant
  40. coke or pepsi?

Goochie Goochie Goo means I Love You <3

Sep 12, 2011 by Sweetheart95
Pow Chika Pow Pow, thats what my baby said pow pow pow and my heart starts pumpin gooochie goochie goo oh never gonna start goochie goochie goo means I love you. in other news pluss/comment  this please

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