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  1. Justice will be served
  2. Julie just self evicted
  3. Hehehehe
  4. Kaitlyn is probably like
  5. + for Rockstar
  6. Why have endurance comp
  7. Bronte who?
  8. i need nine donations <3
  9. Thanks for your support
  10. Hello!
  11. When I see Megan’s blog
  12. Stars Support
  13. When your T poor
  14. I can't wait for Paul's reaction
  15. Can't take Raven seriously
  16. Can't handle Josh still saying he's a misfit
  17. Did he seriously say
  18. When this comp was made for Xmas
  19. Voting Jessica for Halting Hex!
  20. Jason is the ultimate strategist
  21. Who is replacement if veto is used?
  23. How much health do you lose every hour
  24. Stars Support
  25. I'M BACK!
  26. Happy New Years!!!
  27. Quantico killed me
  28. Wtf I thought Hillary was gonna win
  29. But his eye though
  31. I knew it
  32. The struggle when you want to spam
  33. My next game is 800
  34. Anyone wanna league?
  35. Can someone spam for me
  36. Who wants to date
  37. Can someone spam for me
  38. hey guysssssss
  39. Da'Vonne being so sneaky
  40. Lol idiot

Who is replacement if veto is used?

Jul 1, 2017 by Survivor_season1


i think Jason
Sent by Aidan0621,Jul 1, 2017

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