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do higher levels Jul 19, 2020
get more time to do competitions in casting games, and have a better chance at winning the game? 😭
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fun fact Sep 21, 2019
i remember around 6 years ago i saw a youtube video titled “top 12 tengaged moments” and i saw Chic blog about stars “That SWEETIE malibu” and it made me want to join tengaged and be friends with her LOL, that was when her username was SexGoddx and she wasn’t active anymore so i was sad

anyways thanks for being a legend!
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veto spoilers bb21 Sep 14, 2019
jackson won veto which means clifford will be getting 4th place
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does anyone watch elite on netflix Sep 13, 2019
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officially silver Sep 12, 2019
it’s almost like the last 6 years have been worth it.
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stars support Aug 31, 2019
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