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I feel inspired to make a...QUARANTINE VLOG

17thMar 28, 2020 by SurvivorFan37
Post your questions here. If your question is retarded I'm gonna ignore it. GO!
If there are no questions I will be reading insult blogs about me or something WHO KNOWS?


Favorite tengaged game and why!
Sent by Vermills3737,Mar 28, 2020
who are you rooting for in Will's Survivor
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Mar 28, 2020
Why is HipposUnite the best person on the website
Sent by Tachycardia,Mar 28, 2020
how many rolls of toilet paper do u have in your home right now
Sent by obscurity,Mar 28, 2020
why did you rig chatzy to rock me out? why
Sent by Guigi,Mar 28, 2020
netflix recommendations?
Sent by obscurity,Mar 28, 2020
biggest fear? biggest aspiration in life?
Sent by obscurity,Mar 28, 2020
where do u see yourself in 10 years
Sent by obscurity,Mar 28, 2020
Favorite group game host?
Sent by Guigi,Mar 28, 2020
Sent by LaFierceBrittany2,Mar 28, 2020
What is Chrissy's most iconic moment. And give me an opinion kthx
Sent by Tachycardia,Mar 28, 2020
do you like vore
Sent by Absol,Mar 28, 2020
Your alliance may be incredibly tight, but are you?
Sent by BluJay112,Mar 28, 2020
Do you think Dawn would've actually pulled herself from the game if Brenda didn't find her teeth?
Sent by mastropola,Mar 28, 2020
do you think ryan and chrissy hooked up
Sent by Ribbons,Mar 28, 2020
Who do you think will win Suitman Survivor All-Stars
Sent by Maxi1234,Mar 29, 2020
i guess i'll add questions <3
-Opinion of me
-Opinion of my gameplay in any game I've played of your liking.
-Opinion on BigBitch1996
- What's your favorite Parvati Shallow and Michele Fitzgerald move?
Sent by Guigi,Mar 29, 2020
when will u be making ur debut on ians survivor
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Mar 29, 2020
Why didn't you wish me a happy birthday?
How big is YOUR DICK?

No one cares about tg shit
Sent by HighNoon,Mar 29, 2020
Opinion on HC and Ruffles
Sent by TheGoodMan,Mar 29, 2020
Who's the better Will
Sent by IceBeast,Mar 29, 2020
When you think of an underrated player on Survivor, who's picture comes into mind? ( P.S not Michele any other survivor player )
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Mar 29, 2020
What is your least favorite Tengaged game and why?
Sent by Tester,Mar 29, 2020
Lets join stars with Survivorfreak13 so when we make finals everyone just says “Voted for Survivor!”
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 29, 2020

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