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Will's Survivor: Gen 3

Mar 18, 2020 by SurvivorFan37
So in the hopes that people have more time on their hands and the unexpected revitalization of the gaged during this pandemic thing will lead to people having more time on their hands, I've decided to try and host again. To be as frank and concise as possible, I bailed on my last All Stars season because it sucked and was bad and not fun to host or play for any parties involved (as many people have indicated to me), and I think I've learned a lot from my hosting mistakes so as not to have a repeat of what happened before.

That being said, Apps are open for Survivor: West Indies -- the first installment of Will's Survivor: Generation 3! Anyone is welcome to apply, and I'm hoping for a solid 16-18 people for the inaugural season. I think I've got a great season planned out and I hope to host you soon!

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