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  1. Cool bug fact's
  2. Mike will get what's coming to him trust me
  3. Imagine having to run around
  4. Congrats on winning stars bunnycat!
  5. Last chance for vlog questions and then we're..
  6. Ask vlog questions
  7. Ask questions for quarantine vlog 2morrow
  8. Ask me vlog questions! Right away!
  9. I feel inspired to make a...QUARANTINE VLOG
  10. Remember when tengaged had
  11. The most loyal tengager ever
  12. I've got my good avatar on
  13. No title
  15. Apply for Survivor: West Indies
  16. Okay.
  17. We are up to 14! 14 apps!
  18. You know who wins winners at war?
  19. Don't forget
  20. We're CDC Certified
  21. Coronacation baby.
  22. Apply for Gen 3! Apply for Gen 3! Apply for Gen 3!
  23. Will's Survivor: Gen 3
  24. STAND BY
  25. Wreck it Ralph is Stupid
  26. What’s up?
  27. Final RSF Challenge
  28. Final RSF Challenge
  29. Since we're all quarantined
  30. Dear Sagar,
  31. Today is going to be an insane day
  32. The most sickening and most disgusting person on..
  33. New look new me
  34. After this week
  35. So somehow I stayed in Stars
  37. I’m not gonna lie
  38. I was hoping
  39. Ask me vlog questions =]
  40. Saved me in Star ⭐️

“Down” an Original Poem

Jan 3, 2020 by SurvivorFan37
Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me
I'll take you away, hey, turn this place into our private getaway
So leave it behind cause we have a night to get away
So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape (So why don't we run away)
So baby don't worry, you are my only
You won't be lonely, even if the sky is falling down
You'll be my only, no need to worry
Baby are you down down down down down, down, down
Baby are you down down down down down, down, down
Even if the sky is falling down

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