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New to this blog lark

Oct 22, 2019 by SurvivorFan37
Not sure what I should do in a blog, I've never really understood them.  But everyone does them and I don't want to feel left out.  I join here from another forum, am I allowed say which one, well I will anyway.  It was DigitalSpy and I only joined that because of Big Brother.

I live quite near the BB house and my favourite bit is finals night, the fireworks are spectacular.  This years CBB is a bit slow, but my favourites so far are Coolio and Terry Christian, which has surprised me as I never liked Terry when he did The Word.  I do not like that Tina person.  She went on BB to show people how intelligent she is and so far has made herself look very foolish indeed!!!

Im a bit of an older member and in my first game felt really old as nearly everyone was in their teens!!  Just joined another game to see how it goes.  I struggled with all the abbreviations everyone was using and had to keep asking what they were saying.  I hate text speak.  I use it when I'm texting but not on forums and things, and even then its not really text speak as I don't know all the abbreviations.

So that's it for now, my first blog.  I've probably bored everyone so it may be my last!!!! (I use the ! quite a lot, it's my favourite of all punctuation marks!!)

Bye for now


oh bye =( hi what's this
Sent by Kindred7,Oct 22, 2019
howd u get a hold of my first blog?
Sent by Zuelke,Oct 22, 2019

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