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  1. ok
  2. mail my username to oldnewz for a final 2
  3. How old were you when you joined tengaged?
  4. What is your favorite Big Brother memory?
  5. My favorite survivor moment
  6. Who is the worst
  7. Today is going to be an insane day
  8. So does Heather Leigh Cameron
  9. Today is going to be an insane day
  10. I always liked Rudy
  11. Ok hear me out
  12. Cool, Calm, Collected, Karishma.
  13. What are the biggest reality TV events
  14. Trend Yaxha v
  15. So does iAye still have an army of multis
  16. I stand with Kochi
  17. My mom is currently sitting at the dinner table
  18. Hm.
  19. New to this blog lark
  20. Can we have a moment of appreciation
  21. Someone please remind Justin Trudeau
  22. As an addendum to my last blog
  23. Fuck everyone that votes bitter. Honestly fuck..
  24. I, Heather Leigh Cameron, am an undiscovered..
  26. Only 90s kids will remember
  27. Ignore below post I AM THE REAL TRACEY
  28. Just saying.
  29. This is our daily manifest
  30. I am the best stars player of all time
  31. Logging off forever
  32. The wildest Survivor challenge ever
  33. No title
  34. Is it time to pop in to STARS?
  35. big titty goth girls
  36. Y’all remember this queen
  37. What is your favorite
  38. You know what the Top 1 Survivor moment is
  39. So I guess my big issue with this Survivor season
  40. LMFAO who is this queen

As an addendum to my last blog

Oct 21, 2019 by SurvivorFan37
If I make it to the end and nobody votes for me, it is 100% everyone's fault but my own. Please *stop* telling me "an integral part of Survivor is making the jury like you" or "it's incumbent on you to change your play style so that people don't hate you", or (and this is the worst of all) "people who claim juries are bitter only think about half the game and didn't plan to be held accountable for their actions". It's not true and Russell Hantz was robbed twice. #RespectBigMoves


its true
Sent by LovelyKiss,Oct 21, 2019
me blogging about real survivor: here is a 5 page essay on why natalie white is actually the greatest winner of all time

me in group game FTCs: if you dont vote for me after i slit your throat and called you a faggot on skype then you're a pussy fuck who doesnt respect big moves
Sent by obscurity,Oct 21, 2019
Sent by Kelly2722,Oct 21, 2019

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