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  1. You know what the Top 1 Survivor moment is
  2. So I guess my big issue with this Survivor season
  3. LMFAO who is this queen
  4. Honestly I hope Trump starts World War III
  5. For real who are these people
  6. Bobby Kirsch's Best Hits - 10/13
  7. Which survivor roblox do you guys prefer
  8. How many of you thought my last blog was real
  9. Hey there guys...
  10. The one thing I will never forgive Survivor..
  11. So what did everyone think of Survivor yesterday?
  12. Only 90s kids will remember
  13. You are wrong obscurity, you idiot. You complete..
  14. 103 Days Later
  15. Ranking Shrek Movies
  16. So what happened to Rose Mulet
  17. Don't mind me
  18. Is it gay to work in Human Resources?
  19. The only games that matter are Rozlyn Murphy..
  21. Richard wants to come for me
  22. Cliff Hogg III
  23. I think Tyler Frederickson
  24. Cliff Hogg III
  25. How many zeroes are in a million, Dreamz?
  26. Fill up my tank Bobby
  27. If you really want to throw it back
  28. Jerry MacDonald
  29. How many weeks will it be this time
  30. Survivor: Zambia - Immunity Challenge #13
  31. Hey
  33. Well it’s one of those weeks
  34. Why isn’t there a white history month?
  35. Small brain: having parvati as your skype avi
  36. Don't say you're a 90s kid
  37. No title
  38. My personal opinion
  39. I have decided that PYNs are too much effort
  40. If I made an in-character Jeb Bush multi

I have decided that PYNs are too much effort

Jun 5, 2019 by SurvivorFan37
In lieu of posting your name, please send pictures of bobbers and vajeana to my inbox. Thanks.
EDIT: If you are over the age of 35 please refrain from sending any pictures.


Sent by mbarnish1,Jun 5, 2019

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