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  1. The only houseguest I want to return
  2. Most cringe survivor moment
  3. What happened to Turney's game
  4. ok
  5. mail my username to oldnewz for a final 2
  6. How old were you when you joined tengaged?
  7. What is your favorite Big Brother memory?
  8. My favorite survivor moment
  9. Who is the worst
  10. Today is going to be an insane day
  11. So does Heather Leigh Cameron
  12. Today is going to be an insane day
  13. I always liked Rudy
  14. Ok hear me out
  15. Cool, Calm, Collected, Karishma.
  16. What are the biggest reality TV events
  17. Trend Yaxha v
  18. So does iAye still have an army of multis
  19. I stand with Kochi
  20. My mom is currently sitting at the dinner table
  21. Hm.
  22. New to this blog lark
  23. Can we have a moment of appreciation
  24. Someone please remind Justin Trudeau
  25. As an addendum to my last blog
  26. Fuck everyone that votes bitter. Honestly fuck..
  27. I, Heather Leigh Cameron, am an undiscovered..
  29. Only 90s kids will remember
  30. Ignore below post I AM THE REAL TRACEY
  31. Just saying.
  32. This is our daily manifest
  33. I am the best stars player of all time
  34. Logging off forever
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  36. No title
  37. Is it time to pop in to STARS?
  38. big titty goth girls
  39. Y’all remember this queen
  40. What is your favorite

You could say im a SurvivorIdiot37

May 24, 2019 by SurvivorFan37
Taking a look in the VLs

And seeing you spouting more lies and bullshit... and you wonder why I think you’re a pathetic piece of shit? You better pray I never run into you in life... if that day ever comes start running, because I will beat you fucking senseless to prove a point that you need to learn your place on the food chain.


Sent by HighNoon,May 24, 2019
he is a compulsive liar

makes up lies about everyone
Sent by coreyants,May 24, 2019

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