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Also some stuff about cook islands

Feb 26, 2019 by SurvivorFan37
That maybe you knew already (some is prob common knowledge) from browsing old reddit posts:
- The "separated by race" twist was initially going to be used for the apprentice but NBC wouldn't do it so Mark Burnett did it for Survivor. Jeff actually hoped the twist would be a PR disaster because he was sick of hosting Survivor at the time and wanted the show to get cancelled
- The 4 initial 4 tribes were originally supposed to be together for 4 rounds instead of 2, but production made the swap happen early to save Hiki (the African-American tribe) from most likely losing all the challenges
- After the mutiny happened and it looked like it was going to be an all-white final 4 CBS execs threw a shit fit and production strongly considered axeing the whole show, pulling the remaining castaways, and giving everyone remaining $1,000,000 just so they'd sign an NDA not to talk about the season ever again
- There were apparently other backup twists (in addition to the bottle one) planned to help the Aitu 4 at the merge, such as changing the immunity idol rules so Yul could play it on someone else after the votes were read and some sort of additional kidnap twist that was going to protect Aitu somehow.


They should have never asked if they wanted to mutiny if they didnt actually want anyone to mutiny
Sent by RoseMaria,Feb 26, 2019

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