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  1. Hey what's up guys
  2. who is heather leigh cameron
  3. Apply for Survivor Japan!
  4. So has this guy
  5. Was talking to a girl at a party
  6. Apply for Survivor: Japan!
  7. Ignore this
  8. I got a package today
  9. Never Said Was Banning
  10. Just making sure I have this right
  11. This might be a hot take or whatever
  12. Who remembers
  13. Political debate time
  14. Also some stuff about cook islands
  15. I'm re-watching survivor cook islands
  16. Aubry is the only returnee
  17. Did Wentworth get hurt today?
  18. Where we dropping, boys?
  19. Who the f are you I am ALL STAR MATERIAL
  20. Can somebody check on
  21. I'm cracking open a beer
  22. Hey yall its me Jasoi
  24. Is it gay
  25. Who was it
  26. Today is going to be an insane day
  27. Hey yall its me Jasoi
  28. hey yall it's me jasoi
  29. Who is the bamold premade
  30. Is this the greatest idea
  31. My 3 main life goals
  32. Underrated Survivor Moment
  33. I still think the best survivor challenge ever
  34. Don't say you're a 90s kid
  35. [Closing Soon] Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!
  36. [Closing Soon] Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!
  38. Starburst colors ranked
  39. Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!
  40. Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!


Jan 1, 2019 by SurvivorFan37
Actual group game players? Excuse me? I have played three seasons of Will's game and won the last one that I was in. I was the most influential and the strongest player in all of the seasons that I played and anybody that played with me can attest to that 

I am a two time HG winner, a Stars winner, and I have a merge streak that lasted 8 months. I have more strategy and compassion for games in a single dingleberry that is sitting in my perfect, odorless ass than you will ever have Js21

Sorry that you cast people that don't know how to have fun


She casted real girls.
Sent by EmzThorne,Jan 1, 2019
LMFAO yes go in bitch
Sent by Roshy,Jan 1, 2019

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