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  1. ElectraViv says: Apply for my Survivor Series!
  2. ElectraViv says: Apply for my Survivor Series!
  3. Anyways
  4. If I join stars
  5. Never forget
  6. Imagine voting me out of roblox survivor
  7. Good morning everyone
  8. As the person who came up with
  9. Survivor: Ivory Coast - Final 5 Immunity Challenge
  10. Would you rather
  11. Best thing about tg
  12. From outside the Big Brother house with Brent
  13. After a visit with your mom last night
  14. ok well this made me depressed
  15. Do you like your bacon
  16. my parents who are homophobic
  17. Do you shower
  18. Bear me with me here (unpopular opinion)
  19. I really want
  20. I am literally
  21. Don't say you're a 90s kid
  22. No title
  23. if i spam "stan loona" on here
  24. Don't say you're a 90s kid
  25. I-
  26. The best ever Survivor moment
  27. Moderation letting JesseM back on tengaged like
  28. has CBS
  29. CBS needs to bring back
  30. Apply for Survivor: Ivory Coast!
  31. Get you someone
  32. Apply for Survivor: Ivory Coast!
  33. Apply for Survivor: Ivory Coast!
  34. No title
  35. Apply for my new Survivor season friends
  36. You play my Survivor series, yes?
  37. HOT TAKE:
  38. I hate it when boring guys win all the time
  39. Swapped Jabeni
  40. Remember Survivor One World

No title

Dec 23, 2018 by SurvivorFan37
Like you were rude and for on I am not even gay for 2 I am not a bible thumper I just believe in Jesus Christ and god and having them as my Savior and praying when tings get hard. I can not tell you very many or maybe no lines out of the bible because it could all be a lie no one knows. If you did not know it was written by man and man like to twist words. So you need to stop being judgmental I am as nice as I can be to everyone until you call me out on who I am as a person and pick on my friends and I did not respect what you had to say and next time if you have a judgment on me and you do not even know me mail me and talk to me if not then that more then likely makes you look like a Bitch!

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