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  3. Was talking to a girl at a party
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  5. Ignore this
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  7. Never Said Was Banning
  8. Just making sure I have this right
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  17. Who the f are you I am ALL STAR MATERIAL
  18. Can somebody check on
  19. I'm cracking open a beer
  20. Hey yall its me Jasoi
  22. Is it gay
  23. Who was it
  24. Today is going to be an insane day
  25. Hey yall its me Jasoi
  26. hey yall it's me jasoi
  27. Who is the bamold premade
  28. Is this the greatest idea
  29. My 3 main life goals
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  38. Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!
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Dec 23, 2018 by SurvivorFan37
Like you were rude and for on I am not even gay for 2 I am not a bible thumper I just believe in Jesus Christ and god and having them as my Savior and praying when tings get hard. I can not tell you very many or maybe no lines out of the bible because it could all be a lie no one knows. If you did not know it was written by man and man like to twist words. So you need to stop being judgmental I am as nice as I can be to everyone until you call me out on who I am as a person and pick on my friends and I did not respect what you had to say and next time if you have a judgment on me and you do not even know me mail me and talk to me if not then that more then likely makes you look like a Bitch!

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