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  1. Remember Survivor One World
  2. Possibly unpopular opinion (?)
  3. This host rigs his games for returness
  4. Who did Zeke
  5. Don’t you just hate
  6. The real tengaged victims
  7. Hey
  8. I’m still perpetually aghast
  10. Y’all remember Laura Alexander
  11. Who wants to be
  12. I am still personally triggered
  13. Nice job
  14. Alright so who is tengaged rooting for in Survivor
  15. Survivor question (spoilers)
  16. I'm having a bout of nostalgia
  17. Natalie was voted off
  18. ThE DAvIDs
  19. Who flipped?
  20. You have to admit
  21. So Tyler or Kaycee are gonna win veto
  22. bitch i hope the fuck you do
  23. Is Kaycee smart enough
  24. Ranking Dunder Mifflin Receptionists
  25. You gotta love
  26. Mark my words
  27. From outside the big brother house
  28. I can't believe
  29. Well
  30. Hm
  31. Please mail me Angela's live feed *stuff*
  32. When I leave tengaged
  33. Can you imagine
  34. Who do you want to win BB20?
  35. New Tengaged Metrics Poll
  36. When houseguests go to jury
  37. bb rankings
  38. It is a fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist
  39. Hypothetically
  40. Admin approval ratings results

Admin approval ratings results

Sep 4, 2018 by SurvivorFan37

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