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  1. Is last night’s episode worth watching
  2. Bradley: the leader never wins
  3. Me: hey what’s the weather like today
  4. Bradley sucks monkey balls
  5. Who are the favorites on survivor
  6. Michele Fitzgerald
  7. Hey I haven’t watched this Survivor season at..
  8. Does anyone else
  9. Every time I check back here
  10. I bet grodner
  11. who the hell vlogs their first day of school
  12. Is Raven getting evicted?
  13. Wasn't Andrew from BB12 on Sequester once
  14. I think Raven made me gay
  15. A better analogy
  16. I'd just like to say
  17. Woke up from my nap
  18. Matt's pathetic
  19. i want everyone to know
  20. I will gift you badboyy
  21. Oh, their relationship is lasting
  23. I am a proud josh supporter
  24. This BB season is gonna be long
  25. President Hillary Clinton!!!!!
  26. Everyone go apply for
  27. Name's Paul, live with my parents
  28. What happened on the feeds?
  29. One time I triggered tengaged so hard
  30. Remember when tengaged
  31. It's nice not liking anybody
  32. Who is still stanning Jessica
  33. Does the live feed
  34. i'm gonna make a vlog and call you fat
  35. Who is the best Office couple that's not Jim and..
  36. hey
  37. the most wholesome storyline
  38. Excuse me
  39. The best survivor strategy
  40. Wasn't aware

Who are the favorites on survivor

Mar 8, 2018 by SurvivorFan37
I like Libby, Steph and Brendan from what I've seen so far


Same. Donathan is okay too
Sent by TotsTrashy,Mar 8, 2018

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